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Wild Safari Tours & Travel is a tourism company,based in Congo Brazzaville and operates in Central Africa Region. We organize safaris and city tours functions of customer demand If you want to experiment with new experiences; with us, you will never be disappointed. We have established some circuits and different routes to give you a brief overview. We do not limit ourselves only to the proposed itineraries; we work with you to develop an itinerary that meets your needs, a custom circuit.

We are represented on safaribookings.com.

We bring to you extensive experience and knowledge of the CONGO Brazzaville.



In worries to offer the best services at competitive and affordable prices, competitive in the tourism industry, travel and hospitality, which can meet the expectations of travelers in agreement with government agencies, associations, airlines, hotels, international travel companies and other service providers. Our vision is also to keep clean our environment and to protect wildlife against poachers.To ensure the future of our nature and environment by talking about it on all area of Republic of Congo.



Our Travel and Tourism Society exists to facilitate the different travelers around the world without distinction, and lead them in places and the most beautiful places of our country, our national parks and nature reserves, our historic buildings, as Africa n has ever had, where they can relax, enjoy the scenery, mingling with the locals, visit the national parks, the rainforest of the Congo Basin and meet other people from different nations in the world. We promote sustainable tourism, are fighting for the protection and preservation of the environment for future generations. Come experience our hospitality wherever you go and get in touch with our wide variety of fascinating cultures and traditions. Our guides are ready to show you the natural wonders of our country, you get into the rhythm and the bowels of Africa, allow you to get close to our flora and fauna.

We promise, guarantee that you will spend incredible moments, and you'll have amazing stories to tell after visiting our beautiful country and loving the Congo / Brazzaville.



WST, is a Tour and Travel Company based in congo. We provide several services to our customers and guests.

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Sightseeing Tours, Outdoor Activities, Nature & Wildlife Tours +242 06 978 7319 info@wildsafaritours.com bantutourism@gmail.com


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