Republic of the Congo

General Presentation of the Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo, commonly known as Congo-Brazzaville to distinguish it from its neighbor on the other side of the river, DRC (Congo-Kinshasa), is a country of 342,000 km2 and some 4,500,000 inhabitants. Located in central Africa, in the heart of the continent and straddling the equator, this former French colony gained independence on 15 August 1960.
 Several leaders have succeeded each other since that historic date: Abbé Fulbert Youlou, Alphonse Massamba-Débat, Marien Ngouabi, Joachim Yhombi Opango, Pascal Lissouba and Denis Sassou N'Guesso.
 The current president Denis Sassou N'Guesso had taken over the country in 1979. After losing the 1992 presidential election to Pascal Lissouba, he had sidelined before coming back to power in 1997 After armed conflict. Denis Sassou N'Guesso was then elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2009 and 2016.
 The Republic of Congo has 12 departments, each with a chief town and divided into districts.

Capital City, Brazzaville and economic capital Pointe-Noire

 The capital of the Congo is Brazzaville, in memory of its founder, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the French explorer who opened the way to French colonization in Central Africa at the end of the 19th century. The two largest cities in the country, Brazzaville, on the banks of the Congo River and Pointe-Noire, further south and along the Atlantic Ocean, are connected by road, rail and air. The road network has been extended and improved over the past few years. It is now easy to travel by road from the South to the North, in all major cities of the country, but also in neighboring countries such as Cameroon or Gabon.

Congo's economy is based on oil exports. It is, in fact, the fifth largest producer of black gold in sub-Saharan Africa. Nevertheless, the authorities are working to diversify the economy to protect the country from the adverse effects of falling oil prices on international markets. Congo, which has 10 million arable land, is working on the development of agriculture and wood processing. Mines, financial services and tourism are not to be outdone. Medium and long-term development plans.

 It is important to know that the historical Congolese potential is diversified. Indeed, it consists of the vestiges of the slave trade of ancient historical capitals, monuments and other testimonies of the past which are all assets that contribute to the enrichment of the Congolese tourist offer. The new sustainability paradigm emerging from the Johannesburg summit now incorporates "culture and cultural diversity" as the "fourth pillar" of development sustainability. As well as education as the key to change in development policies.
The Wild Safari Tours, project is a company that wants to be a major and important place in the Congolese tourism industry, eco-tourism and socio-cultural tourism, as well as for the sustainable development in the Congo. It expresses the strong conviction that Culture ; "Affirmation of one's own identity" is at the heart of any economic, social and sustainable development project.
This project aims to bring together tourists from around the world, to visit the Congo and its national parks, rivers, nature reserves, its Congo basin, its equatorial forest, whose human activity is still weak. Our goal is to make the Congo a cultural bridge in Africa and Europe, Asia, America, through tourist projects likely to attract tourists from around the world to Congo, and then make Congo a major tourist destination like Uganda It has become nowadays. But also to bring together African and European professionals, Asian, American etc of the tourism sector because the Republic of Congo is made up of several tourist sites; Such as parks, the site of the slaves, the Musee de Loango, the falls of the Loufoulakari, the majestic Congo River, the Teke Kingdom, the Kingdom Ma loango, the Congo islands, the animals, the blue lake, Brazzaville cataracts , The Lefini reserve, the Trou de Dieu, the Mayombe forest, the ocean city of Pointe noire, the Canyone des Goerges de Diosso, the Mausoleum of the French explorer, the Musee du Congo, the National Library, Congolese cultures, The traditional dances of different tribes, and so many other sites to visit in Congo. Through this ambition to build responsible tourism, by ensuring a harmonious cultural development we want to touch the finger of the will of the Government of Congo, namely to bring the contribution of the tourism sector to the definition of the emergence of the country of " Here the horizon and wanting to make this sector a third economic pillar besides Congolese oil and wood. The Wild Safari Tours project seeks to contribute to the realization of the advent of this era.
The Republic of Congo is a tropical country whose natural assets make it a tourist paradise: Varied sites, diversified climates and the very important artistic heritage. Thus, our organization will work to ensure that these objectives are actively involved and those of other companies in the tourism development program. This is a sine qua non condition for a "quality tourism". This includes the protection of sites, Infrastructure services. The creation of small enterprises to eradicate the unemployment rate, training seminars for educators in the sustainable development of tourism with the aim of improving quality in the provision of services and developing new trades. Sociocultural assistance in tourism.
It is in this dynamic that we thought of setting up this project in order to foster intercultural dialogue between the peoples of other countries and those of the Congo around the tourist sites that our country conceals. This project aims to enhance the visibility of the Congo at the international fairs FITUR (Madrid Spain), (ITB Berlin Germany) and (IFTM TOP RESA Paris France) To tourists coming from outside to visit this region rich in history and culture, a token of a sustainable development, Wild Safari Tours, wants to put in effect circuits tailored, in order to attract the Curiosity of foreign tourists who will come from all corners for the sole purpose of visiting the wonder of the Congo, and Brazza la Verte.
A prodigious variety of landscapes, ranging from the sandy coast to the inextricable forests combined with a most prestigious past, make Congo one of the most picturesque and curious countries in the world.
Whereas in most African countries the hasty modernization of the order of things has resulted in the loss of the best of the intrinsic charm of Africa, the Congo, without remaining closed to progress, remains one of the rare countries to present an exceptional attraction for Africa.







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