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Lesio Luna Natural Reserve

 13th Nov


The Congo hosts more wild lowland and mountain gorillas than its neighbors, yet tourists wait for months to pay exalting prices to see them there. Encounter a gorilla face-to-face and see solitary m silver back adults, and whole groups of infants baby gorillas the forest.

See gorillas in Africa, a lie-changing encounter with our earthly cousins that nobody ever forget or wild away from the same have the chance to see gorillas in the wild on a finger  of the Congo river Ecosystem, visit  and gorilla protection project on a protected territory of the jungle where gorillas can roam freely.

Note; visitors to the park directly fund and help protect the gorillas and their natural habitat. Tourism greatly helps upkeep and maintains the park facilities and conditions for the gorillas and incentizeve the local community to take care of them you are helping an endangered species.

The Lesio Luna Sanctuary of Gorillas is a home of big apes, the only place near Brazzaville the capital City where you can see gorillas instead to go very far to the national parks where they can be seen in the willd. This sanctuary has for mission to proctect orphans gorillas untill they become mature and to release them to the nature, during their period of learning the wildlife in the island , the gorillas are feeding two times per day per the ecoguard of the reserve and its during that period that those gorillas can be seen.

Most of those gorillas are born in Congo and grown up in London in the Zoo, when they return in Congo, the gorillas are put in quarantine and thentransfer to the island at Abio 2 site to learn about how to leave in the bush. That process is long some gorillas, for some it can takes 3-5 years others gorillas again can takes more or not. The reserve has some groups of gorillas in the wild in liberty which was before in captivity. The Group John is the most known and sometimes can also be seen; it has around 22 gorillas including little males and several femele.


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Tour Overview


Nov 18- Mar 17



Pickup Location

Pick up is available from the airport, the train stattion the land border or also to the water border. We can pick you whatever where you are or coming from then we take straight to the reserve to see gorillas on the islands



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Tour Guide



  • Experienced and qualified guide
  • Full Board
  • SightSeeing
  • Hotel Accomodation


  • Visa Fee
  • Camp Fire
  • Extra Needs


Day 1
  • Arrival and welcome

    Welcome to Brazzaville, our representative will get you at the airport, and assist you to your hotel. After your comfortably check-in decide on a fantastic or just evening tour with popular musicians, Sapeurs and/ bar café or just enjoy and refreshment after a briefing from the local guide. Once you are well with your hotel, the Guide can give you an overview about the sanctuary of gorillas that you are going to see during the trip.

Day 2
  • 11:00 AM

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  • Brazzaville city tour

    Kick of your dry tour of Brazzaville city sigh/ seeing, cultural and historical introduction, and traditional Congolese in the city with the Congo river rapids overlook, and a stop at park national shop super market to stock up for Safari with any needed favorite meals, treats, drinks, and snacks. In the evening enjoy dinner at a river-side restaurant over booking Kinshasa, and the river traffic of the two capitals. Over night at Brazzaville tourist hotel.

Day 3
  • Gorilla Encounter to Sanctuary

    After breakfast depart in the morning for a male solitary gorilla encounter. We will take you as close a possible without putting you in danger from the gorilla presence. After visiting the all groups of siver back gorillas including the orphans gorillas, we shall or we can departure In the afternoon and to take a boat ride deep into Luna where you have the chance to see many big African wildlife, thousands of birds and fish, and look for the biggest group of wild gorillas in wild that has been release years ago, a group of hippopotamus also can be seen during that boat cruise. The cruise will take us up to the foot of the Mountain Epopee where definitely we can have an overview of the entire reserve. After the visit of the gorillas and of the beauty of the nature, we will get ready to go back in Brazzaville. Diner and overnight.


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