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Nouabale Ndoki National Park

 10th Nov - 11th Jan


Created in 1993, the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park (NNNP), situated in the Sangha and Likouala department in northern Republic of Congo, covers an area of 4,238.7 km 2 and is home to important populations of forest elephants, western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, bongo, and many other endangered mammals. The Nouabalé-Ndoki forest is part of the larger Sangha Trinational Forest Landscape that in July 2012,
was nominated as a World Heritage Site. It extends over approx 35,000 km 2  and comprising a vast stretch of lowland Guineo-Congolian forest, rich in African mahoganies and large mammals with important forest clearings.  The entire park consists of pristine unlogged rainforest including a rich diversity of old growth endangered mahoganies, and boasts over 300 bird species, 1,000 plant and tree species, and
intact populations of large mammals. These large mammals include several endangered species, such as western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes), forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis), bongo (Tragelaphus euryceros), and forest buffalo (Synceruscaffer nanus).


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Day 1
  • Arrival and Welcome

    Upon arrival Brazzaville, you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to your hotel for check-in. after you comfortably check-in to your hotel kick-off our down town tour with visits to the following. - Mausoleum Pierre Savorgna de Brazza - Freedom Square and central station - The Basilica of St Anne of Congo Sanctuary - Monument Felix EBOUE , first African gorvernor of French equatorial Africa. - Monument of national culture - Djoue hydro electric dan, where cataracts and rapids of the Djoue river cross the nighty Congo river in the evening enjoy a relaxing dinner by the river at restaurant Mami WATA overnight to Brazzaville hotel.

Day 2
  • Brazzaville - Ouesso

    After an ultra- early breakfast depart for Ouesso by car wach by 5am 835 Km from Brazzaville haul and beautiful. All along the road, you will view Oyo birth place of President [408km] - Owando , capital of ‘’ Tcham’’ - Makoua the city that crosses the equator [ 584 km] river get away to Ntakou Park and rainforest. Arrive at Ouesso, dinner and overnight at the hotel space Mpelle, ouesso is or hotel Mondongo. If road condition or rains prevent first day arrival, your second night stay will be at one of the above towns, as to avoid driving a night and to break up the trip. - Flights are sometimes substituted for the drive due to road dangers or weather. Our goal is to get you to the northern spark safty and smoothly. The decision of Wild Safari Tours on the transport method to the northern jungles is for speed and safety and not up to negation or discount in any case.

Day 3
  • Ouesso – Pokola - Bomassa

    After breakfast at the hotel, depart from Ouesso to Bomassa via Pokola through a secure land route, with safety equipment, and guide staff, there will be jungle road driving today as well to reach the base camp and we way make it to Wali Bai to do some platform watching by afternoon and evening watching in the Mirador. Upon arrival at the base camp of the park system and Ndoki,s camp Settle in rooms and briefing after ward. At right, enjoy a rustic dinner in the country side

Day 4
  • Bomassa - Mbeli Bai exploration and Viewing

    After the breakfast earlier in the morning we shall leave the Bomassa base straight to the Mbei Bai for an afternoon and evening view on the Mirador where you shall have a chance to see several species of animals in the Bai such as: gorillas , sittatunga, elephants, birds, etc… Within the park, Mbeli Bai is a specific 3 square km area which is particulary rich in gorillas, with 180 western lowland gorillas reparted here. It also contains many monkey species, and nine of them have a population density of 50 per aquqre km. the monkey species found here are the black-and-white, and red colobus, mustached and crowned Guenon , grey checked Manga beys and many others. Strongholds; the world,s wildlife reserve ‘’ by princeton’’

Day 5
  • Mbeli Bau exploration ( Full Day Viewing)

    The park plays host over 300 different bird species some or which are eagles, hawhs, owls scavenging vultures wading herons and barrots. There are also the rare African forest elephant, Dwarf forest Buffalo, Leoprads, Bongos and blue drikers. Forest elephants create space by clearing the forest for other animals to move .Homed antelopes with 12 ib [5,4kg] anthers number 100 per square km.

Day 6
  • Mondika Triangle Exploration

    After breakfast, we will leave the Mbeli Bai and Camp in the morning to take back our boat straitght to the Mondika, we shall trek a few hours today on dry trail and a small swamp ‘’ bring boats and closed toed shoes’’ venture of with our porters on guides ‘’ who carry your gear’’ for exploring the forest observation of animals including lowland gorillas, sitattunga and elephants, finally after 2 hours walking we arrive at Mondika Camp and enjoy meeting one of the lunch and dinner on site, overnight at Mondika Camp.

Day 7
  • 1rst and 2nd Gorilla Tracking at Mondika

    Option 1: Group Bouka in the Morning Option 2: Group Metetele in the afternoon After breakfast ventures off for observation of many more animals to see, Tourists will not be able to touch and play with gorillas literally, as Mondika is home to an habituated group of western lowland gorillas- group however, it is really the closed you will get to gorillas anywhere in Congo if not Africa we do not like to pose the risk of disease transmission from humans to gorillas and advocate protecting them by keeping a safe distance as well wearing breaking masks. Diner and overnight in the camp.

Day 8
  • Mondika Camp - Bomassa

    After breakfast we shall leave Mondika Camp for 2 hours walking in the swamp, we shall then take our safari car and drive back to Bomassa base for a rest. Barbecue and Diner. Overnight

Day 9
  • Bomassa - Owando

    Earlier in the morning after the breakfast we shall drive straight to Ouesso for the Sangha river crossing at noon. We shall then have lunch at the Oliviers Hotel. Overnight at Owando Town.

Day 10
  • Owando – Brazzaville

    After breakfast in the morning we shall leave Owando and drive straight tto Brazzaville where you shal have a sweet night.


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